Dancing Basics
Posted 03/02/2015

I’ve never really looked at dancing before as its character animation that can vary in so many ways. With walk and run cycles you pretty much know when one foot moves forward and the other goes back, but with dancing, the body is constantly changing directions and speed. It seems that the motion is all in the waist and chest leading the way and the other parts following behind. The left test below demonstrates this as it has some solid rhythm from moving only a start distance. The middle test shows minimal dancing on the spot, from shaking hips and head. The final test was a very brief example that I didn’t spend much time on. The leans really need more ease into them but as I only had 16 frames to work with I couldn’t make the loop any longer. Its also quite difficult to animate a dance with having any reference or knowing how to slow dance!


Can’t say when the next update will be on facial expressions and dialogue, but hopefully soon!