Goodbye twenty eighteen
Posted 01/01/2019

Another year has come and gone, its time once again I make an end of year post. This year has been tough and stressful, but still a blast because of what I have managed to do.

The first half of the year was spent working on producing graphics for a popular TV show on British television. I had to create stylised 3D models from photos in Cinema 4D. We developed the style at the beginning of the year, then soon after began producing each graphic following the overall style. In the end I produced over 80 of these models, which was about 2 a day. This was an amazing opportunity, even if a little stressful, to meet the tight deadlines. By the end of it I was very efficient and was churning out the graphics in no time. This took half of the year so it didn’t give me much time to work on my own personal projects.

Near the end of the TV graphics project I did however create a 2D animation with a ‘bean’ character. I really wanted to make a piece showing strong character design and silly movements, and I think I achieved this. I used hold frames for each frame in ae,  I don’t normally do this because its so time consuming but produces some really nice results.

My other big completed project was my ‘robot video’. I finally added the finishing touches and released the short film online. Although I’m not that thrilled with the final result, I am very happy and relieved to get it done because of how long I spent with it. More details on production can be found on this post.

With more time on my hands, I made the leap and bought my own Vive headset. This has allowed me to build my own VR projects, a few which are already in production. Information on these will be released soon. Also I’ve done quite a few other small standalone unity games, just playing around with different game mechanics. I plan to put all these on for free, as well as some of my older games.

All in all, its been an intense year with plenty more exciting things to come new year.