Modelling Lego and More
Posted 15/07/2016

These past few months I have been trying to improve my 3D skills because for the past year I have only worked with 2D. I still like to use Cinema 4D for modelling as it is what I’m used to. I have also started trying out Element 3D in after effects because it seems like a vital component in the motion graphics scene. I wanted to challenge myself by modelling something simple, then gradually modelling something harder and harder. So far I have modelled a pen, a bike, and now a Lego man.

Plastic is really easy to texture and always looks great in 3D, so I chose to try modelling a bunch of Lego. It also opens the door of using these assets later to create proper animations. I have made sure that these pieces have been modelled to the correct shape and scale, even the insides that can barely be seen!


The Lego man exploded into pieces. Showing the joints that would normally be hidden.


I have modelled 32 other bricks to start off with. Got a bit carried away to be honest, was actually quite enjoyable to work on.


Here’s a super quick animation with the model. Also added a tiny bit of texture animation too!


The pen I modelled isn’t that interesting, so here’s the bike! Every piece of this bike has been modelled so it can be taken apart or exploded. I hope to eventually create a video exploding all the models once I have enough objects to use.


A close up of some of the detail. Hardest part was using only images to make this model (I don’t own a bike!). Next I would like to try modelling a Formula 1 car to the correct dimensions. It will sure be a challenge!


This is something I was working on quite early on in the year. Its going to be an animation based around a high energy song. I put it on hold because I ran into a few problems and will need to rethink a few things. Definitely would like to finish this before the end of the year though!


That’s all the modelling for now. I have ton more blog posts coming up, including even more 3D!