My New Website Design
Posted 16/05/2016

After a lot delay I have finally managed to finish my new site design. The reason for leaving it this long is partly because of not having the time, but also I really liked the design as it helped me make a start in the creative industry for the past 2 years. Designing a website around my artwork was always something I wanted to do, and it worked for a while. At the time of designing the site, I was honing my skills in digital painting, so it made sense to show these skills throughout the portfolio.

Also another reason for the change is because I needed to reflect the route I’m taking in the industry. My old design had a variation from graphic design to 3D work. I was at a crossroads at the time, and wasn’t sure what I wanted to go into to. Today, I now know my primary area is in motion graphics, which is why the site needed an update to reflect my current work.

Below is the old design. This landing page instantly gave the viewer an impression of my art style and hopefully pushed them into exploring more of my website.


Old Design

I’ve now brought my portfolio’s design back to basics. With a html5 video playing once you land on the site, and a simple list of previous work, it definitely is easier to understand what I do, what I can use, where I’m based, and how to contact me. I’m gradually keeping my site’s designs for longer and longer. So the way the pattern is going, I should keep this current one for the next 4 years! Only time will tell what happens, but I can guarantee I will still be working in animation!