First update of 2017?!
Posted 18/10/2017

14 Months without an update? Eesh.. so much for those so called posts I had planned. Here’s to hoping that this post marks the new beginning to my endless supply of new updates.

Well, the site hasn’t been busy, but I sure have. Its around the this time last year that I got a lot more preoccupied with paid work, so all my own personal projects began to slow down. This hasn’t stopped me however, I still have lots ongoing pieces that are ‘getting there’. Its just finding the time now that I work full-time. Whats probably changed the most since last year is my expanded knowledge of all things motion. I have learnt a ton, some from work and some self taught. For example I recently dived into the world of VR, developing in Unity3D, which I have worked with before, and currently working on some projects that are a lot of fun to do.

This update isn’t complete without some visual proof, so here are some close to final images of my ‘robot thing’ that I have yet to decide an official name for.

All these shots were rendered in the physical renderer in C4D. Then composited in After effects to add flares, glows, effects and particles.

Some of these shots look incredibly dark, losing bits of detail. Its necessary for some scenes, but I may go back over them again and add a few more lights.

I love using lots of different coloured lights in this animation. 90% of the film is in these tunnels which allows me to make some very dramatic lighting setups so coloured light bounces everywhere.

The entire film is 4-5 mins long, this was only meant to be a test to see if I could do an entire series myself.

I have an entire series story that I am currently planning out, quite a bit has changed since I started this teaser film. So quite a bit of it wouldn’t be used in the real series (if it ever happens). Such as the character we follow here is very basic and limited in limb and facial movement. My newer designs are far more human like and detailed to allow me to really bring out the characters I have planned.