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    VR Game Foundations

    Posted 08/01/2019

    In a goal to keep my website alive, I decided at the start of the year to upload something or make a blog post every week. Originally I had planned to do a daily drawing for the entire year, but felt ...

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    Goodbye twenty eighteen

    Posted 01/01/2019

    Another year has come and gone, its time once again I make an end of year post. This year has been tough and stressful, but still a blast because of what I have managed to do. The first half of th...

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    Making of Age of the Sentient

    Posted 09/09/2018

    After finally releasing the film online, I can now finally talk about how it was done, why it was done, and where I am going from here with it. To start with, this is the first film I have ever comple...

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    So long twenty seventeen

    Posted 01/01/2018

    As the year has drawn to a close, I wanted to briefly look back and reflect on all that has happened. This year has been a year of learning and expanding for me. It has been less about the work I have...

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    Sketches to Artwork

    Posted 21/11/2017

    In my spare time, I often get ideas down by doing lots of quick drawings in my sketchbooks. Some of my recent ones are for robot concepts and development. Trying to flesh out characters and practice...

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    First update of 2017?!

    Posted 18/10/2017

    14 Months without an update? Eesh.. so much for those so called posts I had planned. Here's to hoping that this post marks the new beginning to my endless supply of new updates. Well, the site hasn...

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