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    Sketches to Artwork

    Posted 21/11/2017

    In my spare time, I often get ideas down by doing lots of quick drawings in my sketchbooks. Some of my recent ones are for robot concepts and development. Trying to flesh out characters and practice...

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    First update of 2017?!

    Posted 18/10/2017

    14 Months without an update? Eesh.. so much for those so called posts I had planned. Here's to hoping that this post marks the new beginning to my endless supply of new updates. Well, the site hasn...

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    Robots in Motion

    Posted 31/08/2016

    One of my most recent projects, that I finally got around to starting, involves character animating in Cinema 4D. I have a huge epic story, that I'm hoping to plan out, involving an earth now inhabite...

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    Storyboarding My Animations

    Posted 16/07/2016

    I have been producing quite a few storyboards recently, for professional work and my own. I generally just make them in Photoshop and separate each frame on individual art boards. Here's a few little...

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    Modelling Lego and More

    Posted 15/07/2016

    These past few months I have been trying to improve my 3D skills because for the past year I have only worked with 2D. I still like to use Cinema 4D for modelling as it is what I'm used to. I have al...

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    My New Website Design

    Posted 16/05/2016

    After a lot delay I have finally managed to finish my new site design. The reason for leaving it this long is partly because of not having the time, but also I really liked the design as it helped me ...

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    First Update of 2016

    Posted 20/02/2016

    It has been almost a year since my last post, which is kind of embarrassing. I haven't had the time to make anything worthy for my portfolio or write anything decent for this blog because I have been ...