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    Robots in Motion

    Posted 31/08/2016

    One of my most recent projects, that I finally got around to starting, involves character animating in Cinema 4D. I have a huge epic story, that I'm hoping to plan out, involving an earth now inhabite...

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    Storyboarding My Animations

    Posted 16/07/2016

    I have been producing quite a few storyboards recently, for professional work and my own. I generally just make them in Photoshop and separate each frame on individual art boards. Here's a few little...

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    Modelling Lego and More

    Posted 15/07/2016

    These past few months I have been trying to improve my 3D skills because for the past year I have only worked with 2D. I still like to use Cinema 4D for modelling as it is what I'm used to. I have al...

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    My New Website Design

    Posted 16/05/2016

    After a lot delay I have finally managed to finish my new site design. The reason for leaving it this long is partly because of not having the time, but also I really liked the design as it helped me ...

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    First Update of 2016

    Posted 20/02/2016

    It has been almost a year since my last post, which is kind of embarrassing. I haven't had the time to make anything worthy for my portfolio or write anything decent for this blog because I have been ...

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    Scene and Composition Development

    Posted 08/03/2015

    One of my favorite areas in art and motion is setting up the scene and developing the entire environment.  Here I will try explaining my method with an example I am currently working on. I first s...