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    Scene and Composition Development

    Posted 08/03/2015

    One of my favorite areas in art and motion is setting up the scene and developing the entire environment.  Here I will try explaining my method with an example I am currently working on. I first s...

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    Dancing Basics

    Posted 03/02/2015

    I've never really looked at dancing before as its character animation that can vary in so many ways. With walk and run cycles you pretty much know when one foot moves forward and the other goes back, ...

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    Weight in Motion Continued

    Posted 29/01/2015

    This is just to add to the weight practice I tried a figure lifting a heavy ball. The objects weight is conveyed in the figure by the back and head arching back when attempting to lift. Once the ball ...

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    Weight in Motion

    Posted 28/01/2015

    Tried to give some weight to things in these practice animations. Weight is a key area of animation and seems important to get it right. Here I drew a light droplet falling at a fair rate that speeds ...

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    Arming Up

    Posted 26/01/2015

    Recently practicing arm movement with very realistic proportions and limitations. Angle of the scene is really key here to show the motion in the best possible way. The arms pretty much move true to r...

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    Turning and Overlapping

    Posted 23/01/2015

    My next area of practice (from following 'The Animators Survival Kit' by Richard Williams) was to create effective turning motion. In order to look more interesting, I tried rotating different parts o...

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    Jump and Bounce

    Posted 19/01/2015

    This was an attempt at combining some jump and bounce together into a little comical scene. The first jump is successful with some good stretch on the takeoff and bounce on the landing. With the secon...

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    Advanced Scene Test

    Posted 18/01/2015

    This took a little longer than expected but the finished result looks quite effective. It conveys a standard figure moving across the scene using everything I had previously tried. Inside of a side or...

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    Animating Front Profiles

    Posted 16/01/2015

    As planned, I attempted some walk and run cycles from the front profile. I kept things fairly standard with the middle one, following the motion of the side profile animation with big and wide strides...

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    Starting Run Cycles

    Posted 15/01/2015

    My next attempt was at run cycles which has less head bobbing than the walks but quicker frames per second. These move at around 2 and half steps per second. For the right one I tried a more cartoon r...

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    Back to Basics

    Posted 14/01/2015

    Pretty much forgetting everything I already know and going back to basics in learning animation principles and techniques. I already feel like I know quite a bit but there is still so much I don't und...

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    The Difference a Year Makes PART 2

    Posted 06/12/2014

    Here are a few more comparisons showing work from various projects and the updates I made to them over a year later. ...