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    Works in Progress

    Posted 13/01/2014

    Just adding couple more things that I’m working on… like these sprites which are pretty much done for the droplets game. Trying to make them as cute as possible. I think they could be a little tra...

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    New Year, New Projects

    Posted 03/01/2014

    Had a great Christmas and New Years seeing family and friends again, eaten and drank a hell of a lot as you’re supposed to. 2014 is a fresh start for me to keep improving my skills and continue buil...

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    Painting From Photos

    Posted 26/11/2013

    I’m trying out a technique that Makoto Shinkai uses where he digitally paints a photo and gives it bright lighting with appealing colours. I have had huge inspiration from some of his work in produc...

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    Uneventful Update

    Posted 20/10/2013

    It’s been a while since I’ve made an update here, busy with various projects and haven’t had anything interesting to write. Saying that I have been adding plenty of new artwork pictures on t...

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    No Internet

    Posted 05/08/2013

    It feels like ages since I last came on here. The past few weeks have been frustrating as the internet went down without any warning preventing me from continuing with some ongoing projects. Had 3...

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    Finished Unity Projects

    Posted 20/06/2013

    So basically as I have previously said, I worked on 2 Unity projects over the past few months. The first one, as seen above was all my own work and based loosely on the concept drawings I made. Du...

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    Finishing Up!

    Posted 16/06/2013

    It has been quite hectic since the last time I posted, I’ve been away for some time finishing off deadlines and other work. Also went on holiday for a week to Majorca as shown in the photo above...

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    Concepts of Outer Space

    Posted 07/05/2013

    I’m getting really into drawing space scenes now, like the one above. It’s actually for that spaceman game I mentioned in a previous post which has slightly changed once again. Rather than an ...

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    Paint and Other Things

    Posted 22/04/2013

    Added another painting in the visual section that I did for a relative a couple of years back. For some reason I have a fascination with painting waterfalls, I think it might be due to in nature, ...

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    Unity Tryout

    Posted 17/04/2013

    ‘The Descent’ is what I’m calling the ‘mini environment game thing’ that I’m currently working on as it mostly takes place descending downhill.  The above concept is what the start me...