Sketches to Artwork
Posted 21/11/2017

In my spare time, I often get ideas down by doing lots of quick drawings in my sketchbooks. Some of my recent ones are for robot concepts and development. Trying to flesh out characters and practice with interesting designs. Some of these below I took a little further and brought them into photoshop to colour and refine.

The robots I normally come up with look very masculine even though they are all supposed to be unisex. Attempted here to make a more feminine robot without going the obvious route.

And here is the final image.

With this little guy, I didn’t have much to go by in the sketch. So when I brought it into photoshop, I would just add on mechanical bits and bars as I went

For this one I focused on creating a villain. Wanted to make it look like I could be a human in some very advanced spacesuit. The pipes look like they are supposed to be some breathing technology, which wasn’t my intention as a robot wouldn’t need oxygen. So lets just say they contain a bunch of wires.

The final output is probably less evil because the eyes look less angry and not empty. But I did have fun making this very dark and mysterious.

Below is some other okay sketches that I didn’t end up taking into photoshop.