So long twenty seventeen
Posted 01/01/2018

As the year has drawn to a close, I wanted to briefly look back and reflect on all that has happened. This year has been a year of learning and expanding for me. It has been less about the work I have done, and more about what I have gained from it. 2017 was my busiest year yet, giving me less time to work on personal projects, but gaining more experience in the real world. I have worked on some awesome projects, and met some amazing people, and learnt so much more than I expected.

The biggest highlight for me was hanging up my freelancer boots and becoming fully employed. Doing what I love as a full-time job is the best thing that a lot of people strive for. I am so proud that I managed to achieve this quite early in my career. I initially started as a freelancer for my employer back in 2016, but grew with the young company to eventually be hired just last summer. Since then, work has never been better.

Other highlights for me include starting to work in the VR industry at the start of the year, which has been something that has always interested me, and making big progress on my short films. Working in all these areas has pushed me to learn more including expanding my knowledge in unity, game development, 3D design and 3D animation. Even with all these skills I am learning over the course of my career, I still feel I have barely scratched the surface. I suppose that is a good thing, and allows me something to aim for in the new year.

So goodbye 2017, and hello 2018, can’t wait to see what this year will hold.