Storyboarding My Animations
Posted 16/07/2016

I have been producing quite a few storyboards recently, for professional work and my own. I generally just make them in Photoshop and separate each frame on individual art boards. Here’s a few little segments of some recent storyboards below. The first one is from a video I made for a client. I don’t really show the camera movements in this, I tend to just write it all out the the directions at the top of each shot. I like to add different shades of grey to fill in the images, this is just to separate the elements of the scene, so I can decide on the real colours later.


Heres another snippet of a storyboard I have recently just finished. It doesn’t include any directions because one, I primarily made it to turn into an animatic. And two, I was the only one to see this storyboard and knew exactly what was going to happen. The video that this animatic is for is quite an exciting 2D animation short I have been making. Don’t want to give much away but its starting to shape up to be my favourite animation I’ve made!


I don’t think there is a right way of making storyboards, I just think its important to make sure they are clear so they can be understood by yourself and who ever needs to look at them. I probably add a lot more detail into them than needed, but it just makes it easier for me when it comes to constructing the animatics.